One Year Down At My First Big Girl Job, And It Had Its Challenges…


Today officially marks one year since I began my first “big girl” job as a college graduate. Needless to say, there were many things I learned in this first year, and many challenges I faced. As I reflect back, there were absolutely a ton of things I wished I had known or done differently to make my transition a little easier. I began my job assuming that it would be like any other new job or internship I held in previous years. In many ways, UNC did prepare me to enter the real world, but in several others, there was a lot more ‘adulting’ I had to learn to do.

My attitude, for starters, had to go. I don’t think I have a bad attitude problem, but I also never cared about a job enough to feel the need to constantly check it. Having a full time job can be stressful and exhausting. Save for the very few people who seem to always be in good spirits, everyone comes in some days in a bad mood. When you’re the new employee, however, everyone is watching everything you do, consistently evaluating if you were truly a good fit for the company.
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